Windows 10 for phones likely to come in february as technical preview

UPDATE:  As mentioned previously,  the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones has been released by Microsoft, but for selected devices only.

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Raining Apple’s in India

Apple inc’s tablet range including iPad Air, iPad mini  (retina display) has been put on sale in India from today onwards.

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Using em unit and its best practices in CSS

Advantages of em unit There are many of the measurement units which one can use to code in CSS3. And they range from %, in, cm, mm, em, ex, pt, pc and px. Of all these we are much more familiar with using pixel (px) as the usit of measurement in CSS style coding. But there are many more advantages of using em instead of pixel. These are really helpful nowadays where we are using large number of web-enabled devices and using em as measurement unit helps the visuals to adjust smoothly while shifting the devices. Read more

Basic learning about Quad-Cores in smartphones

“Quad-core processors”, the name itself sounds powerful, right?  Yeah, quit right, yes.


These processors are indeed very powerful, but what are they doing inside a mobile phone? Well the obvious answer is speed, but the question is what is the necessity of having quad-cores in mobiles, when maximum people run dual cores on PCs. Intriguing question but simple answer, dual cores on bigger screen devices carry a lot more speed then the quad cores of mobiles. For example an average home computer runs on a dual core clocked around 2.5 GHz, but a quad core on mobile is clocked around 1 to 1.5 GHz. Read more

Surface priced at $999 and $899


Microsoft recently revealed the price of the pro version of its tablet which will go on sale in January next year. The tablet will run on Intel i5 processor.

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Galaxy S-IV may be knocking on your door sooner than you thought

Named “Project J” ,the device may be released in may according to the sources.

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How to use Manual Focus mode in Digital Cameras

For very long I have been using my Nikon P500 Digital Camera and with many auto-settings it does also support manual focusing features as well. This Nikon P500 seems to be a good camera for beginners before buying your dream DSLR.  Adjusting or using Manual Focus Mode gives much control of the snapshot which you are trying to snap. Many high end camera supports these features and is all that a DSLR or a SLR is all about. Now in following tutorial I will guide you through in using this Manual Focus (MF) mode using my Nikon P500 camera. Read more

Curious case of Nokia Lumias and PureView

A new day, a new start and a new device, that was what the launch of Nokia Lumia 820 & 920 meant to any ordinary person. But there was more to it for tech world waiting for the first look of Lumia series WP8 devices with PureView tech.

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First View Apple-iPad mini

After the much awaited launch of this month today Apple has launched its smallest iPad in the market aka iPad mini with display size of 7.9 inch. The thing which iPad mini developers talks a lot is of giving all the features of iPad 2 with in the new iPad mini. And by going through its specifications it looks as if they have kept their promise.

iPad mini

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Microsoft Enters The Competition With SURFACE

Microsoft introduced its first Tablet PC “SURFACE” on Tuesday in a not so Big event that we are used to by now from the software giants.

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