How to connect Samsung Galaxy Ace with Wirless Router


Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone comes with inbuilt WiFi adapter with which one can easily connect it  with any other devices like Wireless Router to surf Internet on it. I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Ace to connect to my Wireless Router for my surfing. There are only two things which you need to know to connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace with your Wireless Router:

a) Enable Wireless settings on your Samsung Galaxy Ace

b) The Password of the Wireless Network which you want your Samsung Galaxy Ace to connect with.

Steps to Enable Wireless Settings and to establish a Wireless connection with the Router are given below:

Step1: Go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Wi-Fi settings


Steps2: Enable the Wi-Fi feature by checking the box provided. As soon as you enable this check-box the device will start searching for available wireless networks which are in its range. After a complete scan it shows the SSID’s of various Wireless Networks which are available.

Step3: Now for establishing a wireless connection with the network of your choice click on the preferred network. As soon as you click it will prompt for the password. Enter the password for the particular network which need to be connect. After entering the password click on Connect. It will check for authentication with the Wireless Router and if the entered password matches then a Wireless Connection notification will be shown in the top right corner of your mobile phone showing the strength of the connection.

Note: For Network SSID and Password contact your Network Admin or if you yourself have configured your Wireless Router then enter the same SSID and Password which you have entered in your Wireless Router.

Many a times the Network Admin may keep the Wireless Router in Hide by enabling the Hide Access Point feature in the configuration settings of the Wireless Router. In this case the Samsung Galaxy Ace will not recognize and identify the device automatically. You need to manually enter the SSID and Password both.


I have been using BSNL Network and Wireless Router to connect my Samsung Galaxy Ace to surf internet and it works fine. If you have any query in above tutorial then comment on this post.

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26 comments on “How to connect Samsung Galaxy Ace with Wirless Router

  1. mohan says:

    bro i use five year old typeII bsnl wireless modem….is there any way to enable multiuser login in it?i was told it wont work in old modem…is that true?

  2. Harshad says:


    Thanks for the information provided. I am using Tikona Internet (wired) along with TrendNet modem & Belkin wireless G adapter. I have set up the modem & adapter and I can see TrendNet655 as wireless connection (WAP-2/Personal & AES encryption). I am also able to connect to the wireless network (TrendNet655) from my Samsung Galaxy Ace thru Wi-Fi but not able to surf internet.

    Can you please help me in this?

    • Anand says:

      Once you have a well established connection with Wireless Modem, Internet should work…..but as u have mentioned that after a successful Wi-Fi connection internet is not working the plz contact with you network admin or support……….

  3. sushant says:

    m using galaxy ace nd m not able 2 connect my phone wen the wi-fi is secured with (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)???? but wen the network is not password protected m able to connect ??? is der any problem with d phone its new 1 :(

    • Anand says:

      there does not seems to be any problem with ur phone….just login with a valid SSID and password….it will work….or else check ur router settings for more…

      • harisha G K says:

        i use samsung galaxy ace. i know ssid and password. still it wont connect and if connects also i cant access. One of my friend told that the wifi device may be will not support to ur handset. whats the solution in this case. please help me. i can not access wifi anywere

        • Sidhartha says:

          You must first of all check with other people or devices for if their device is connecting to wi-fi. Go to other wifi hubs and check if your device is working there.

  4. Ani says:

    it says disabled secured with wateva blah blah wat do i do :(

  5. bill albert says:

    When i go to the library which has wifi i can see the network and click on it.however there is not a place to enter the password. The phone says that I am connected but i van not access the web.
    Is there a way to get to the area where i can enter the password? The library staff could not help me.
    Thanks if you can help.

    • Sidhartha says:

      A wi-fi Network may not require a password for connection, so that’s not a problem. If you are unable to browse the net, then check the net speed with other devices first.

  6. Bradmak says:

    When my Galaxy Ace is conncted to the net via wifi & wireless router and I surf the net, how do I know that I am on the net via the wifi and not the phone data network??

    • Anand says:

      when you are either connected through WiFi or Mobile Network the notification icon on your phone changes for the current network being used……..

  7. Pinku says:

    I have samsung galexy Ace+.I already have nokia C6.I have gprs activated on C6.Now i have to acess internet in Ace+ through C6 by using Wifi.Any one can help how do i connect internet.

  8. courtneyk says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I have tried doing this many times. My wireless comes up on the list and when I put my password in nothing happens. I have tried rebooting and charging but nothing has worked. It just says disabled, disconnected, etc. Also, how can you tell if you are using 3G (data) or wifi? I have almost given up…

    • Sidhartha says:

      Check your wi-fi router for the speed and power, if its working properly try changing your settings to default. Meanwhile all your connection {wi-fi, 3G, usb, bluetooth etc} are shown on the top of your homescreen.

  9. Venkates says:

    i’m using Galaxy Ace, while connecting through wifi its shows obtaining address but not connecting with router , what should i do? please help me

  10. harry says:

    i m using galaxy ace , it connected to bsnl broadband through wi fi but still page is not opening….
    signal strength is also excellent what should i do ??

  11. Rudy says:


    I’m already using a wi fi connection however a friend of mine asked me for the password of that network, i totally lost it and my Galaxy Ace automatically connects to that network, how could I know or retrieve again that password i entered the first time? is there a way?

  12. suren says:

    my mobile is connected to net but its nt surffing y i dt kw could u give certain ideas
    if u could kw

  13. prashant says:

    plz tell me how i can upgrade ace duos software through WiFi
    when i connect internet through wifi it browse but cannot upgrade softwear

    • Anand says:

      you can do so by making your phone discoverable with Kies Samsung software……….on your desktop….
      for this you can either use the data-cable for making a connection between your Ace Mobile phone or making your device detected on Kies with a WiFi network…..
      Once you do so as stated above, Kies during start-up check for the latest available firmware/software and checks the same from your phone and automatically prompts you for the upgrade…..

  14. joe graham says:

    i cannot connect to wi fi with my galaxy ace it asks for password i have tried my wireless pin and key and also serial number but to no avail please help

  15. divyasaravanan says:

    I have samsung galaxy duos. After i select network of my choice,There waa no a window appeared asking password….its just saying connecting…thats all….

  16. Denis says:

    Is Ace capable to use WPS feature?

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