Using USB Tethering feature in Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone


With the help of Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone one can easily access the internet on it either by using 2G or 3G phone network. One can also use its WiFi connectivity feature to connect to the Internet. But if you need to use Samsung Galaxy Ace as a modem or a medium to access internet on your desktop or laptop you need to use its tethering feature which is supported by this Smartphone.

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Ace to access internet on my desktop through my wireless router provide by BSNL (Indian Telecom Service Provider). This has solved my problem of using a LAN cable to connect to the Router or the need of buying a Wireless LAN card instead.

Whenever I need to connect to the internet I open up the wireless connection in my Samsung Galaxy Ace to first build a connection between the phone and the Wireless Router. After it, with the help of USB cable (it comes bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Ace) I connect my phone with the desktop. At last by enabling the tethering feature on my phone I can easily access the internet on my desktop using my Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone as a medium for internet connection.

Below are the steps which will guide you in using the tethering feature of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Step 1: Navigate to Setting>Wireless and Networks >Wi-Fi settings and enable the Wi-Fi. Once the Wi-Fi connection on your Samsung Galaxy Ace is enabled it will be connected to the default connection which you have configured for your Wireless Network. In my case I have configured my Wi-Fi connection to connect to my Wireless Router. For setting up a wireless connection you need to enter Network SSID and the Password depending on the type of Security which you have enabled.

Step 2: Once the above step is over and the signal strength of the wireless network to which the Smartphone is connected is good, it will show an indication on the top of the screen for a successful wireless connection.

Step 3: Now connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace with the USB cable which comes bundled with it. And connect the other end of the USB Cable with the USB drive of your system. Remember to turn OFF the USB Storage feature while you are using the USB Tethering.

Step 4: Next navigate to Settings>Wireless and networks>Tethering and portable hotspot> and enable the USB tethering option. Once this is enabled an indication of USB Tethering feature will be displayed on the top of the notification bar.



Once the above steps are successfully completed you can now easily surf internet on your PC wireless without the need of any Wireless LAN or any Wireless USB Dongle.

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22 comments on “Using USB Tethering feature in Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone

  1. Amit says:

    Thank you for the post, Anand.

    I just got Ace, am not a technical guy and have a few questions as follows:

    1. How do you establish the connection between Ace and BSNL wirless router? I mean, how does Ace recognize BSNL or vice-versa?

    2. Does BSNL wireless router come with Network SSID and Password?

    3. Finally, how much a BSNL wireless router costs approximately?

    Thanks again.


  2. anand says:

    I am also using same phone and do all things which u posted above. bus I still facing one problem my pc says problem while configuring hardware. my pc is unable to configure usb tethering. plz. tell me how to configure.

  3. phill says:

    Is it possible to use the phone as a router?

  4. Sonal says:

    Is it possible to reverse the entire thing?i have a data card which i use to access net on my laptop.I want to surf the net via my Samsung (GT S5570) mobile using the same data card.

    • Sidhartha says:

      No, it wont work that way. But if you are accessing the net using a data card you can simply swap the simcard of that with your mobile simcard and access the internet.

  5. ankit says:

    I just bought sansung ace but my system isn’t detecting my usb device, though I am connecting the wire system is not detecting and even it isn’t showing usb sign in phone. plc help.

  6. Negar says:

    Thaaaaanks 4 ur help. Now I can connect to net by my galaxy ace to lap top via USB.

    is any way to connet via BLUETOOTH ? Its more comfortable… :)

  7. Arthur Bamford says:

    Hi, does the internet connection then cost more if processed by a laptop. I have free Broadband with my Virgin media fone, would there be extra charges if I used it tethered to my laptop as a Modem please ?

  8. Sahil Gulati says:

    I hve a Dell PC. When I connect my Ace to it , and want to tether , it doesnt work . The computer screen says , there is an error.
    Thanks in advance .

  9. Zayar Myint says:

    My PC can connect the Internet througth Samsung Galaxy Ace with USB cable. But I can’t get the Internet connectin wirelessly. How can I do settings for wireless Internet Access from the Galxy to PC.

  10. KUSHAL says:

    I am facing problem in tethering even after trying above steps. In fact previously I was able to tether my galaxy ace but after formatting my pc I am presently unable to tether usb tethering. plz help me out.

  11. Siddhant Chothe says:

    Just like the wireless tethering feature in Android 4.0.4 made available in Samsung Galaxy Chat GTB5330, can we have same feature in Android 2.3?

  12. Jake says:

    No probs setting up from the phone end. But how do I get my Win7 laptop to connect to it for surfing??

  13. ashutosh says:

    i am unable to enable the USB tethering in my galaxy ace set in order to have connectivity with my laptop..plz help me out

  14. keiran says:

    i have a problem that when the phone is fully charged it turns itself off and therefore disconnects me, is there a way to stop the phone from charging when it is already fully charged or from turning itself off when it is?

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